Sunday, November 30, 2008

Her First Movie!

We're going to the movies.....

slow down cowboy and cowgirl!
Waiting for our popcorn.
We decided it was finally time to try a movie with The Mermaid. She has seen trailors for the movie Bolt on the, we checked Yahoo Movies and off we went. Well, Yahoo Movies had the wrong times. So, we had time to wait. Hence, the kids on the horses. The wind was blowing pretty hard...they had fun. We went and got some popcorn to eat, went to the potty and found some seats. The Mermaid loved the "BIG TV" (as she calls it) and the movie Bolt. She made it thru the whole movie without a problem. BIG GIRL!!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Pizza and Friends

Pizza, chocolate milk and friends! The Superstar and The Princess invited The Pirate and Mermaid over to play with their cousins who were visiting. The house was LOUD...but, they had a great time!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dinner was YUMMY!!!!!

The Kid loves corn! The Pirate was done already.....he did eat!

Twilighter only gets "people" food on Thanksgiving. Unless, Na Na and Pop Pop are here. We know you sneak him food!!!!!

Anyway, He got a roll this year. He loved it! He's 12 years old...he deserves it!!!!!

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Prep

The kids wanted to help prepare food for our Thanksgiving meal. The Pirate likes to clean and snap the fresh green beans. He taught his sister to snap and then...EAT ONE. Then, snap..and EAT ONE!!! I was afraid that we did not have enough beans for dinner! They also helped in ripping the bread for the was a great day for the Mermaid to work on her fine motor skills!!! She 's working on those finger muscles!

Making stuffing.
Don't eat the beans!!!!!
Snapping the beans.
The Pirate's favorite finger food!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I am so sorry....

I have fallen behind in my updating of the blog. I have heard the comments...and I know who you are !!!!!!

I promise to keep up with the blog. I am officially caught up. You have a lot to read and look at. Scroll to the botom and work your way up.....


Blah day....

The kids were up WAY too early. Wanted cereal...oh! How dare they make me get out of bed!!!! It's too cold outside. They got their Trix...cause, you know...they're for kids!

Daddy was grumpy. Mommy was cold. The Pirate and The Mermaid were playing nice and wanted apples for lunch. Apples????? The Pirate and Mermaid love apples...she ate hers to the core! She was mad because we made her put it in the trash.

Then, after the sugar rush kicked in...not so nice playing. Running, screaming, just being loud and mean. So, I told the Mermaid to pick up her toys and in fifteen minutes, it was time for a nap. She disappeared while I was dealing with the Pirate and I went to check on her. She was in bed already!!!!!!! She put herself down for a nap. Well, she for got to do something...

When she got up, she has peed her bed. YUP! Well, then she began to cry and carry on because that is what she does. I didn't even yell at her! I think she got punished when in China...not sure, just guessing. Well, in the wash went her linens and in the tub went the Mermaid. She does not like her hair washed nor her face. And, if the water just isn't right...she will let you know!!!!

Daddy and the Pirate were out doing whatever while the Mermaid was getting bathed. They brought pizza home for dinner. YUMMY! Does pizza have sugar in it???


after dinner the Mermaid had a temper tantrum because she did not get to feed the dog (screaming tantrum). Naughty mat.....

The Pirate had a meltdown over the Wii game he was playing with his dad. Naughty mat...

The Mermaid pulled her underwear down in the middle of the living room and refused to pull them back up. She had a dress on today. Daddy sent her to the naughty mat and she would not sit down. Mommy intervened. Naughty mat....
( I asked her why...she replied, "because I wanted too!" Lovely...)

The Pirate whinning about playing a certain game...Daddy put the Wii away. Meltdown of the Pirate...

Chasing, screaming and just being LOUD again....bedtime! The Mermaid goes down saying, "Close eyes Mommy. No play!" She's out in ten minutes.....

The Pirate can't sleep because his Webkinz are locked in the car. Had to bribe him to go to bed and I went outside to get them.

Mommy COLD again! The Pirate is finally out.

The only good thing...I can think of right now. Is that, we got the Mermaid's hair into PIGTAILS!!!! She cried at first...but they stayed. She was happy. Girly Girl hairstyle.

She keeps asking about my earrings. One thing at a time!!!!

Tomorrow HAS got to be a better day.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Article about Adoptions

Very interesting.....we are happy The Mermaid is home.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Chorus Sings!!!!!

The kids waiting to go inside and sing.

The Superstar(second row left corner) and Pirate at Publix .
Is he catching flies? Nah...he's singing!!!!!!!

The Pirate and the Superstar are members of the First Grade Chorus at school. Each year, Publix (a grocery store chain) has a Festive evening of Holiday treats including entertainment and food. The Chorus was invited to sing. They sang in the produce section of the store and they were surrounded by parents, siblings, friends and SHOPPERS!!!!!!

They all dressed in black pants and white shirts and they did such a great job!
Enjoy the music...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veteran's Day Celebration

The Mermaid ...looking very proud and feeling better!!!!!

The Pirate front and center with his first grade buddies.
Smiling Pirate

The Pirate reading a poem...

We had our Veteran's Day Celebration at school today. The entire student body participated. They sang, recited poems and waved flags. It was very nice to see 1000 plus kids out there being patriotic and honoring our Veteran's.

Thank you Veteran's!!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Tummy Hurts!

Taken with Daddy's sick baby!

At 3 AM this morning, the Mermaid woke up crying. Went to see her, said she needed to Potty. An hour later, awake and crying again. Daddy comes in with her and she is burning up! 102 degree temp and my "tummy hurts". We gave her some Motrin and she fell back asleep around 5 AM. I laid there with her and she wouldn't let me console her and she kept rolling around and laying in the fetal position. When she woke up at 8 AM, I called the Peds Doctor. She still had a 102 Temp and I took her in. She cried the entire time in the waiting room and in the exam room. The Doctor wanted her CBC , now her finger hurt from getting poked! He sent us to the ER for a chest x-ray because he felt she has developed Pneumonia. Now, the day before we were in the Peds office and the doctor said she sounded fine. 12 hours later, we are in the ER. UGGHHH!!!!!!! So, they took her temp...104 degrees now. We have now been admitted into the ER and will be there the rest of the day because we will need a chest x-ray, blood drawn, an IV/magic button inserted into the arm and an ultrasound of her belly area. Diagnosis....Pneumonitis. The start of Pneumonia. We are sent home with a prescription for antibiotics. Home at 5 PM.

Long day. Stressful, too! She was a very good patient. She got stickers and a teddy bear at the hospital. We spent Sunday in our pajammas all day. She takes her medicine very well...she says it is yummy. The Pirate says it is gross!!!! He used to spit it at me....

Update: The Mermaid is better. I'm not. We got the bill yesterday...3 grand!!!!!! Thank goodness we have insurance.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome Home!!!!!!!

Pretty girl...

Bouncy girl...
Best friends already......
Hoopin' it up!
The Mermaid and friend, Regan. Hi Becky!!!!
Happy Family!!!!!!
The Mermaid and friend, Jack.

November is National Adoption Month. Our agency, Lifelink had a Welcome Home Picnic for the children adopted this year. The Sarasota office helped 20 children from various areas of the world become united with their forever families.

It was great seeing Jack with his Mom and Dad (Jack's family was in China with us on our trip), Becky and Regan came and the Superstar and Princess came, too! The kids had a great time making crafts, eating and jumping in the bounce house.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote! Vote! Vote!

The kids want to vote for Obama...they wanted to get a picture with our yard sign. The students at the Pirate and Mermaid's school had mock elections and Obama beat McCain by a landslide. We will see what happens....we will have a new President tonight or early tomorrow morning!!!!