Sunday, November 19, 2006

The WIGGLES!!!!!

We took Stinker Doodle and his best friend, Jake Jake (Jake's Jake's parents went, too!) to see the Wiggles. I was really surprised they came to our town. We took the boys 2 years ago to Tampa to see them. Check out Stinker Doodle's Capt. Featherswords hat! The boys had a great time!!!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Agency Picnic

Today was our agencies Welcoming Ceremony and Reunion picnic. We had a very good time. We got to meet other families that had adopted and have their girls home and other families that adopted from other countries. The funny thing was, people kept asking us where we adopted Stinker Doodle from!!!!!!! We would politely explain that he is our biological son...they would apoligize about it after. But, it was kind of funny. The thing is, we were the only family there waiting...I guess it is too hard for those that have been waiting. Maybe next year, we will be those people. This is new for us. We did take a great picture with Lisa!