Friday, February 6, 2009

One year ago...

we received the email that changed the dynamics of our family. It is hard to believe it was a year ago that we found out we were matched with the Mermaid. The Pirate was in class, Daddy was teaching and Mommy was glazing pinch pots with her art students. It was, as I remember...a very happy day!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Best Buds

Great photo from the birthday party. Happy Birthday Parker! The Superstar and The Pirate had a great time.

PS The Superstar's Mommy always gets the best pics!

Crazy Saturday!

The Pirate got up with no Fever!!!!!! Yeah..... I think we are feeling better. So, we got dressed and headed down to the convention center for the Edison Regional Inventors Fair. Last year, The Pirate was the Regional winner in Kindergarten. So, he has to defend his title!!!! He placed second this year at school with his ReMedia Holder (a smartphone holder made from a paper bag that can be hung from a seat or tray table. Great for kids to watch video's on their parents phones!) and now, he qualified to go to Regionals. We got there and he went in to be interviewed by the judges. They asked all kinds of questions about the invention and it is the inventors job to sell it. There was a yellow ribbon on it at the end of the we have an awards ceremony to go to tomorrow night. We will see what place he came in.
When we were leaving, they had a Discovery Day set up for the kids. We walked by and there was a Shriners Club display about their hospitals. Well, the Mermaid is needing surgery. We stopped and talked to the man. He gave us the name and number of the man in town that can help us get an appointment for the Mermaid to get a consultation. He seemed very positive and The Mermaid REALLY liked his tassle!!!! Yikes..the hat almost came off !!!!! I'll keep everyone posted.
The Pirate went to a best buddies birthday party. He had a great time bowling, eating pizza and cake! The Superstar was there too and his Mom brought The Pirate home so I could go get his Invention. Like I said...Crazy Saturday!!!!