Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Game Ball!

The Pirate played so well tonight...he got the game ball! He fielded the ball several times, got tagged out at third base (bummer!), danced some and had one heck-of-a-hit into the outfield. The Pirate's friend , Parker had batting practice and stopped by to say "hi!". Maybe, Parker should stop by more often!

The tournament starts soon....Go Mets!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


That's right. The Pirate has lost tooth #3. He has been wiggling it for weeks. It finally came out today...he screamed so loud he woke his sister up and probably half the neighborhood!!!!!!!!! He is working on the chipped tooth up on the top...it seems like it will be the next one to go.

The Tooth Fairy is making a stop at our house tonight...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long and Exciting Week....

The Pirate has had his SAT 10 Testing this week...3 days worth of it! He has been going to bed early and eating a healthy breakfast. He was actually excited about taking this test. I wish I could get him to be THAT WAY about his homework.

We have had baseball. Aunt Staci and Uncle Cris came to watch. He does more "dancing" around than anything. Short attention span...

The Mermaid keeps losing her earrings. I went and bought some safety backs. They seem to be working.

For those of you who know, we have a burrowing owl living in our front yard...we named her Bubo. The owls here live in the ground. We have lots of nests around the city and people keep track of the owls. Our owl has not found a mate. So, no babies this year. The kids were bummed...
HOWEVER, we were out playing in the back yard with the kids swinging on the swings and kicking the ball around and low and behold...there was a bunny. Digging a hole in our yard!!!! Ruining the grass next to the pool cage (it will grow back!) Daddy came in and did some searching on the internet. She is an eastern cottontail and she is nesting!!!!!! So, we will have babies...or kittens, as they call them in 3 weeks or so.

We took some picks of "Miss Hoppity".

Looking at this bunny digging in our yard....

Close up shots...
She can fit her whole head in the hole....

She is cute!

This is what we will have in our yard in a few weeks!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The bunny does WHAT?????

Yeah! It's Easter says The Pirate...What's Easter???? says The Mermaid. She has NO idea....

This is a chocolate Easter bunny, daddy explains. The Easter Bunny left this????? she says....

The Pirate demonstrates to his sister the proper way to eat one....it looks YUMMY!!!!!!

The Pirate is an "ears" guy. The Mermaid thought that was funny....

Next, he went for the head....Mommy said ENOUGH!!!!! Time for breakfast!!!!

I think The Mermaid liked her first Easter. Can you tell I have eaten tooooo much candy????

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stolen Off Disney Photo Pass

We loved this picture of us all at Animal Kingdom. That is Expedition Everest behind us. It costs $14.95 for a 4X6 inch photo!!!!!!! So, we stole it off the website. Bad, Bad, Bad.....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Visit with Superboy and Wondergirl

On our way home from Disney World, we stopped to visit Superboy and meet our newest cousin, Wondergirl. She is three months old and very cute! The Pirate, The Mermaid and Superboy had fun spinning around in Uncle Don's chair. We capped off the evening having dinner at Daddy's and Uncle Don's favorite place to eat...Denny's!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 2- Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom...the trunk is carved with pictures of animals. Beautiful!

The Mermaid petting a goat .
Wow! It's a Llama.
The Mermaid and Mommy .
Meeting Jiminy Cricket .
It's Rafiki meeting time!
We're on safari...looking for animals!
Cool tree...forgot the name. But, cool...
Rhinos...Look how close!
Mommy Ostrich sitting on her eggs.
Komodo Dragon...The Pirate loves these!
Fruit Bats...Mommy does NOT like these!
Playing in the bamboo .
"Goofin' around" with Goofy and Pluto...Check out The Pirate!
The Pirate is driving the dino!

We had a lot of fun at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was a cooler day..so we all wore pants until we went on the Kali River Rapids (Daddy's idea) and TOTALLY got SOAKED!!!! The Mermaid DID NOT like getting wet and cried. The Pirate laughed his butt off at his sister. UGGGHH!!!! Lucky for the kids...I had a change of clothes for them in my bag. Daddy and I took HOURS to dry. We had Chinese food at the Yak and Yetti restaurant (Asia section) for lunch. We got to see lots of animals. It is a really pretty park with lots of shade. We all enjoyed the Nemo Musical..it is a must see if you go!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 1- The Magic Kingdom

We can't wait!

Planning the day with the park map.

Outside of The Pirates of the Carribean

Mickey Ice Cream is....

Strawberry popsicle boy!

I don't want to look at you Mommy...I want to watch the parade!

Can my eyes get any bigger??????

Free Souvenir from disney. I am OK!

We took The Pirate and The Mermaid to the Magic Kingdom. We had a great time. It was in the low 80's and it rained on us several times. It was very funny...we convinced The Pirate to go on Thunder Mountain and we got two rides in one...it was like Splash Mountain because it POURED on us while we were on the ride!!!!! After the ride...The Pirate was in tears and The Mermaid said "that was awesome!". Poor Pirate....The park was very busy and we got to go on...
The Pirates of the Carribean
Thunder Mountain/Splash Mountain
The Jungle Cruise
Peter Pan
It's a Small World
Snow White
The Tea Cups
and...we saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

It cooled off and we left at 4 PM and came back at 8 PM after checking into the hotel and dinner. We got to see the light parade (and walked behind the seven dwarfs at the very end of the parade) and went and sat at the base of Cinderella's castle to watch the fireworks. The kids loved it! We stayed till midnight ( it was cold!) and headed back to the hotel.

The Mermaid did pretty good. She had to go potty two times while waiting in line for a ride. UGGHH!!!!!! She has the smallest bladder ever! The Pirate was so excited about watching the parade...he was not watching where he was bouncing/standing and fell down three steps. Big knot on leg...FREE SOUVENIR!!!! We had ice cream and Daddy finally got that Turkey Leg in Frontier Land he has been wanting.
Day two...Animal Kingdom.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Art Show and Spring Concert

Tonight was all about these two!!!!! What creative kids we have!!!!!

The Pirate sitting and listening to the older chorus sing.
Mommy and the Mermaid being good listeners
Artwork by Mommy's students
The Pirate and the Superstar's pinch pots
Thursday night was the final art show and chorus performance at our school. The school district has eliminated art and music teachers from the elementary schools. We are in a budget crunch and the state does not seem to fund education properly. So, I will be doing something different next year.
I sat and watched the Pirate sing his heart out and dance his tushie off! I sat and laughed and then cried. He gets so much out of music and chorus. It is a travesty to let this happen to our kids. It breaks my heart....
I, being the art teacher...was there to share the experience. I put together a nice art display with 100 plus pieces of artwork for my students and parents. Many hugs, tears and thank you's from parents. I felt truly appreciated!!!!!