Sunday, October 24, 2010

Long time...No blog about the Mermaid.

We have been so busy with things. I just haven't had time to post. The Mermaid had her 3rd surgery in March on her hand. (once in China, two times here) It went very well. She is a trooper! The doctor says we will look at it when she is a teenager...time for healing and growing. This is the first time in her life that she has had full access to all her fingers and she is learning to use that hand now that she has complete motion in it. She finished Head Start and over the summer attended VPK to get ready for Kindergarten. She has lost her ESOL status...because her English is "too good". However, she has gaps in her language. So, we are concentrating on filling those gaps this upcoming school year. Kindergarten started in August. She is academically doing very well. Her behavior...well? Talks too much, can't keep her hands to herself, etc. We're working on it!

It is amazing how far she has come in 2 years. She loves her Na Na and Gra Gra so much. She loves to play on her "play phone" and has conversations with them. Thinks her Pop Pop is very funny. She is very attached her to her Aunt Staci, Uncle Cris and Uncle William. She is constantly asking questions about when they were little or when they were in school...she is very curious about ALL of them.

She LOVES tacos, noodles, popsicles, fruit and veggies. Eats like there is no tomorrow. She has gained 15 pounds and grew 6 inches since her adoption. She is all legs... she will be tall as an adult. And skinny, too! She is very silly and has no common sense. She calls herself the "little Chinese girl" and says sometimes she just can't stop talking! We just shake our heads and shrug..... The best part is that she makes us laugh!

Hopefully, I will be better about posting again. Because, life would not be the same without the Little Chinese Girl....


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Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm so proud of her:)

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